Trading in her lone-star state of mind for some California sensibilities, Baba (founder of the Sisters of Honk) leans toward the rock side of the fence. Former musician (of more than one all-female garage band that you can imagine) and music aficionado, she traded in her drum sticks for a red nose. You’ll find her running the SoH show and front-and-center on stage with Gooferman, divulging her own version of the bump and grind.

Shannon Gaines (aka Bruiser) began her career in So Cal as a competitive gymnast. She went on to earn a BS (and a football player) from the University of Wyoming. Co-founder and choreographer for the Vau de Vire Society in SF, she has had the honor to choreograph and perform with such groups as The Dresden Dolls, Angelo Moore of Fishbone, Peaches, and the Alkaline Trio. When she’s not hangin’ with the Sisters of Honk, she works as a professional dancer, stilter, rollerskater, acrobat, fire performer, living statue, and sword balancer.

Every great cupcake starts with top quality milk, butter, and eggs from a fine dairy farm. Cupcake McTushy’s dairy farm was in the heartland of Minnesota….. which also happens to be where she started her performance career, playing piano — in church — at age 6. Add other ingredients, mix through Wisconsin and bake in the ovens of Michigan summer heat, still twinkling the ivories and also acting in church plays (…y’know, and high school, athletic scholarship through college, law school, yada yada yada). The frosting came in 2010 when she put her Juris Doctorate to good use and passed the California bar exam. That’s right, bitches, this klown’s a frikkin’ lawyer. Of course no fine cupcake is completely frosted without the sprinkles. Our Ms. McTushy found her sprinkles in march of ’09 when she saw her first Gooferman show, and shortly after, attended her first Bohemian Carnival. Though it would still be several months before she’d don the grease paint for the first time, the klown was already brewing inside her.

Reflecting back on classic physical comedians like Charlie Chaplin, the Mark Bros, and of course The Three Stooges, as well as modern performers like Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, Tom Hanks, and Jim Carrey, and also being inspired by the amazing performers of the Vau de Vire Society and her fellow Sisters of Honk, Cupcake continues to hone her individual style, which has landed her face time in several well known publications and blogs. Now, this vodka swilling Sister can be found entertaining crowds, shakin’ what her mama gave her, and roughing up unsuspecting audience members with handcuffs, batons and anything else she can get her mitts on. Also an aspiring balloon animal artist, her specialties are snakes, phallic objects, wiener dogs, and handcuffs. She’s thrilled to be a member of the sexiest klown troupe this side of Kalamazoo and to be able to share the stage with some of the most talented dancers, musicians, and performers on the West Coast.

Most babies come out of the womb kicking and screaming; Kirsten came out dancing and singing, and has spent her entire life perfecting not only her art as a performer but her level of absurd silliness as best she can. An East Coast diva, Kirsten is classically trained in voice (Peabody Preparatory) and dance and is a proud graduate of The Baltimore School for the Arts. She has appeared in National Tours such as “A Chorus Line” (Sheila) with director Baayork Lee and “Jesus Christ Superstar” starring Ted Neeley and Carl Anderson. She has also had the great honor of performing every role possible in the Nutcracker from Snow Queen to the Sugar Plum Fairy. When not on stage, she is fortunate to be able to share her wealth of knowledge as a dance teacher and certified Pilates and TRX Instructor throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. And, as always, Kirsten dedicates all of her performances to her family and friends but most of all to her loving and supportive parents, Jay and Paula. Love and light to you all!

Olee likes glitter. And cats. And stripes. And you if you deserve it. She dances alot with her belly. Or like a showgirl. Or like a hobo or a munkee. She will eat the fire from your candle and spit it out. Just cuz. She’s won awards like best Breakthough Fusion Dance artist, best performing dance troupe, and best at everything all the time. OK, she gave herself that last award, but it doesn’t really matter, right? She’ll help coordinate your event and talk a lot at it and laugh at her own jokes. She loves you.


Some random facts about, Pamela TreeampolEen, an original and devoted Sister: She loves shiny things, sweat-proof makeup, and tequila. She’s got a good eye, talented hands, a loyal heart, and a huge nose collection. Sometimes she wears a beard for love and/or money. She comes from the planet Hatu where she learned how to dance with a fire sword and wield a mighty eyeliner. Some of my role models are Delores Del Ruby, Solid Gold Dancers, and Siouxsie Sioux. She loves creatures and has a collection of mostly dead pets like Willamina the Weasel (they have been known to smoke a pipe together after Midnight). She also dreams of owning her own glow-in-the-dark rollercoaster and traveling to see the shrine of St. Wilgefortis in drag. She enjoys a good Honking, especially with her Sisters.


Catapulting herself on a futuristic and fantastical journey from the klowntastic klutches of the Klown-Dramada Galaxy, Tiny the Klown danced and twirled her way from a distant quasar far-far away, on a quest to discover this planet’s definition of “bohemian”. At all costs and with no regard for the constricting rules of conventional human behavior, she seeks out all examples and elements of the universally absurd.

Weee Mae

Standing “wee” ft tall, itty bitty lbs, and chocked full of Napoleon complex, A’maez is known for her ability to lure the unsuspecting looky loos into a hypnotic trance with her Patented style of Drunken Clown Bellydance. Depending on her choice of Wig, she can be as sweet as kittens wearing turtlenecks photographed with a wide angle lens, or as devious as the trauma that made you afraid of clowns in the 1st place. Her skills include annoying sounds, above and beyond booty shaking abilities, puppy-dog eyes, making HER way YOUR way, matching stripes with stripes, and bitch fits. This little klown is guaranteed to make your xmas list. Everybody wants one!