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a coquetish kaleidoscope of soul sterno & eye candy


Olee likes glitter. And cats. And stripes. And you if you deserve it. She dances alot with her belly. Or like a showgirl. Or like a hobo or a munkee. She will eat the fire from your candle and spit it out. Just cuz. She’s won awards like best Breakthough Fusion Dance artist, best performing dance troupe, and best at everything all the time. OK, she gave herself that last award, but it doesn’t really matter, right? She’ll help coordinate your event and talk a lot at it and laugh at her own jokes. She loves you.


Catapulting herself on a futuristic and fantastical journey from the klowntastic klutches of the Klown-Dramada Galaxy, Tiny the Klown danced and twirled her way from a distant quasar far-far away, on a quest to discover this planet’s definition of “bohemian”. At all costs and with no regard for the constricting rules of conventional human behavior, she seeks out all examples and elements of the universally absurd. She shall not stop until the quest has been completed. Till the depts of hell and the heights of heaven, she will make her way through by dancing.

Weee Mae

Standing “wee” ft tall, itty bitty lbs, and chocked full of Napoleon complex, A’maez is known for her ability to lure the unsuspecting looky loos into a hypnotic trance with her Patented style of Drunken Clown Bellydance. Depending on her choice of Wig, she can be as sweet as kittens wearing turtlenecks photographed with a wide angle lens, or as devious as the trauma that made you afraid of clowns in the 1st place. Her skills include annoying sounds, above and beyond booty shaking abilities, puppy-dog eyes, making HER way YOUR way, matching stripes with stripes, and bitch fits. This little klown is guaranteed to make your xmas list. Everybody wants one!