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a coquetish kaleidoscope of soul sterno & eye candy


Every great cupcake starts with top quality milk, butter, and eggs from a fine dairy farm. Cupcake McTushy’s dairy farm was in the heartland of Minnesota….. which also happens to be where she started her performance career, playing piano — in church — at age 6. Add other ingredients, mix through Wisconsin and bake in the ovens of Michigan summer heat, still twinkling the ivories and also acting in church plays (…y’know, and high school, athletic scholarship through college, law school, yada yada yada). The frosting came in 2010 when she put her Juris Doctorate to good use and passed the California bar exam. That’s right, bitches, this klown’s a frikkin’ lawyer. Of course no fine cupcake is completely frosted without the sprinkles. Our Ms. McTushy found her sprinkles in march of ’09 when she saw her first Gooferman show, and shortly after, attended her first Bohemian Carnival. Though it would still be several months before she’d don the grease paint for the first time, the klown was already brewing inside her.

Reflecting back on classic physical comedians like Charlie Chaplin, the Mark Bros, and of course The Three Stooges, as well as modern performers like Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, Tom Hanks, and Jim Carrey, and also being inspired by the amazing performers of the Vau de Vire Society and her fellow Sisters of Honk, Cupcake continues to hone her individual style, which has landed her face time in several well known publications and blogs. Now, this vodka swilling Sister can be found entertaining crowds, shakin’ what her mama gave her, and roughing up unsuspecting audience members with handcuffs, batons and anything else she can get her mitts on. Also an aspiring balloon animal artist, her specialties are snakes, phallic objects, wiener dogs, and handcuffs. She’s thrilled to be a member of the sexiest klown troupe this side of Kalamazoo and to be able to share the stage with some of the most talented dancers, musicians, and performers on the West Coast.